GPS tracking features with your smartphone app

Utilize your android smartphone as a tracking device for your asset.

Asset real-time GPS tracking

You can track your asset with your Tripmatix smartphone tracking app similiar to a gps tracking device. State-of-the art android smartphones are perfectly fit for for gps tracking. The GPS track on your android smartphone is precise up to a few meters and the acquired GPS positions are sent to the web cloud software account via GSM sim cards or WLAN/WIFI.

GPS trace and historic trips

The Tripmatix smartphone tracking app constantly records the GPS positions and GPS speed while driving in very accurate intervals. You can monitor the historic routes very precisely. The last trips are stored on your Android smartphone until the GPS positions are sent to the software via the sim card or WIFI.

Can I get a tripsheet logbook with my Tracking App?

If using or mounting a stand-alone GPS tracking device is too expensive or impossible for you, you can use the Tripmatix smartphone tracking app to record your past trips and stops and to get a logbook in your software. The logbook accuracy depends on the driver and how much time the activated smartphone tracking app is used outside the vehicle. The Tripmatix smartphone tracking app shall be a useful helper in case you cannot install a GPS tracking device. You can select the privacy mode for your trips to hide the gps positions in the software, but to count the trip in the logbook. You can add a comment for each trip immediately or later on. You can download the logbook trips in the web software account.

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Tripmatix App and GPS tracking via smartphones.

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